Hello & Welcome!

I’m so glad you found this little land of mine.  I’m Jenna and I’m a certified Curvy Yoga teacher, trained in the Hatha tradition. Body Love Yoga collaborates with folks to inhabit their wonderful bodies through yoga and mindfulness.  I love making yoga accessible to people of all abilities and sizes. In fact, I really want to bring yoga to folks who feel that yoga isn’t for them. Come as you are to my classes, we’ll make it work. I promise.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rose Garbacik says:

    Hi! I am interested in trying yoga, but I am not in the best shape and do not have very good flexibility. This curvy yoga class looked like something I might like. What is the cost, and is it just walk in or do I need to sign up?


    • jennaweintraub says:

      Hi Rose! Curvy Yoga sounds perfect for you. Yoga isn’t about being flexible or being in ‘good’ shape, even though that is what the current yoga world looks like. You can just show up at YogaVibe Thursdays at 6:00 and buy a drop in class for $15 and see how you like it. I’m happy to chat on the phone or meet a little early before class to give you more info. Here isthe studio’s website: http://www.yogavibe585.com/.


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