“I have taken yoga classes sporadically for decades, and was disappointed to encounter the decreased mobility that comes with cancer treatment and general aging. I began to downgrade my classes from intermediate to beginner to gentle, and found myself having to self-modify many of the poses. Even the “gentle” classes contained a degree of flow that removed me far from the desired state of peacefulness. Enter Jenna Weintraub. Thanks to her supportive and TRULY gentle teaching style, I have been able to resume my practice. She consistently offers up several modifications for each pose, and you don’t feel self-conscious for choosing one of those options. You never get bored because she changes up the routine and the soothing soundtrack every week. And don’t let that giggle fool you — Jenna possesses a rock-solid knowledge of poses, terminology, and philosophy. I am so tranquil and relaxed after her class, you have to pour me into my car for the drive home.”

-Joan, 64

“My session with Body Love Yoga was unlike any of my other yoga experiences. The supportive and inclusive environment that Jenna creates truly allows the most yoga adverse person to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable. After having previous negative experiences with Yoga, Body Love Yoga allowed me to come as I am and left me feeling encouraged about my new found ability.”


“Working with Body Love Yoga was such a positive experience.  We always host a self-care training for our AmeriCorps members in February and had heard Jenna speak at a conference around body positivity.  It was great to engage members in a stress-reducing yoga practice that was designed for every BODY.  The group left the sessions feeling in touch with their bodies, relaxed and feeling positive as noted in their evaluations.  We will be sure to have Body Love Yoga back in the future and I would recommend Jenna’s body love presentation and yoga practice to anyone looking to do something nice for themselves or their group – it’s a great team builder with a personal message!”


“Jenna believes there is no wrong way to have a body and she proves it to you with Body Love Yoga. Skilled and sensitive to a variety of needs, she’s amazing at crafting the perfect experience for each of her students. Jenna is truly here to bring yoga to the masses with her accessible, fun, and emotional practice.”


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