Class Descriptions

Invitational yoga that opens the door for people who never thought it was for them. A brave space to connect with your body. A yoga of choices.

All classes are trauma informed. Click here to learn more about what trauma informed yoga is.

Curvy Yoga

Are you rockin’ some curves and want to practice in a class that is designed to support them? Or just want a Hatha class that works for people of all shapes and sizes? (Hatha is a general term that means we hold the poses for a few breaths and don’t generally flow from pose-to-pose in a vigorous manner.) Join us for Curvy Yoga! Students of all experience levels are welcome in this class, including beginners.

Chair Yoga

Ground your mind and body with chair yoga. No worries about getting up and down from the floor. Perfect for all levels, chair yoga is a great way to relax from head to toe. Classes come from our our Body Love paradigm, using kindness as our guiding principle for taking care of ourselves.